We see but choose not to see

Unless we start admitting and scrutinizing the real flaws in our “system” and able to find the heart with a unwavering conviction to repair the ills from bottom up, there remains no chance for ending corruption and let’s not even speak about peace. Lawrence Wong, our guest writer, shares his thoughts . [...]

Who’s not on internet & why not?

I emailed a friend to subscribe link to my blog “I need to research how to do that” she replied. My thought was “Oh dear, how often we take so much for granted” We live in a busy business world now that seems totally dominated by digital presence that for many it is not even a decade old. It also seems that what we also take for granted is the grass roots level is equally involved. The truth is for many “The Internet” as phenomenon is just barely barely past getting to be acceptable conceptually in the language. Certainly no one asks what the internet is anymore. But unlike the telephone that is all pervasive and taken for granted, [...]

How was it done in 1957 & now?

Do things really change or is it the way we see it? To those who knew how things were in 1957 it may have seemed that the life was simple but it was not always easy. But considering it now maybe then it was a much better deal. I wonder if it is possible to get that back and still keep the best of both worlds. Should we try to and if so how? [...]

Educating an Expediential Planet?

The rate of change is so incredible; it is hard to believe that China is becoming the world’s number one English speaking country. Mind blowing is the fact that for technical students starting a four year degree, half of what they lean will be out of date before their third year of study is completed. What about jobs? Did you know that the top 10 jobs in demand now did not exist in 2004? Education and changing peoples ability to cope with change is a critical issue. Our thirst for knowledge and to be connected it seems are the biggest selling commodities today. The truth is the opportunities are boundless and I just wish I could have my time over again. But education and changing peoples ability to cope with change is a critical issue [...]