Is your thinking in the clouds?

The prerequisite to investing and creating wealth is quality in business and process management so we can achieve previously unequalled level of customer quality. Those not in good shape, especially SME’s, have an imperative to upgrade their management planning and performance control systems to survive. The “no excuse” customer and investor attitudes on performance failures demand this. A colleague of 20 years past Ian Curry once told me once “quality costs nothing”. Ian was then General Manager at Colonial Mutual Life in my days as a finance executive. His vision for quality, under that tag, stuck with me as I become an evangelist of total quality management, or TQM. Under his leadership at the time, we embraced that prophecy and began invoking continuous improvement quality programs such as Deming’s PDCA in what became a watershed era of change. Since, we have all seen those visions come to fusion in a revolution that has changed completely, across the world, the way we work. [...]