To move a Silo to be a Service organization must you first believe Quality Costs Nothing?

In Thailand only six out of ten senior executives strongly agree that they are aware of what is expected of them at work Tough times are ahead for some in their 30’s enjoying the ride of the transition. As margins fade in the evaporating cheap copycat culture that traditionally filled the coffers of investors, the competitive edge for Thai Industry is moving to innovative and quality positions. It is not only Foreigners investors in Thailand but educated Thais who know static work practices and ethics of past have become expensive. They are all now openly challenging the self constraining subservient and paternalistic ways of the past, saying they must go. What many fail to understand is this type of change is not only cost driven but stems from complete restructuring to a services based culture at all levels. In service cultures the work practices focus directly on adding real value to the next stage in the supply chain. This not only needs education but restructuring to re-link processes and communication to unhook functional control and move this to service based orientation. Read more to understand these issues. [...]