Is a Cloud Business Intelligence Service a no-brainer at 40% of in-house cost?

We talk about big dinosaurs of reporting facing extinction, as Managers never stop looking for better ways to set and manage targets . Traditional finance reporting methods still make up 82%. But the 18% who do have their business information integrated understand the low cost cloud, to manage a “business current state” is now becoming a reality. Read more as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and a range of hybrid & public cloud services are now so fast to deploy and so much cheaper. [...]

We see but choose not to see

Unless we start admitting and scrutinizing the real flaws in our “system” and able to find the heart with a unwavering conviction to repair the ills from bottom up, there remains no chance for ending corruption and let’s not even speak about peace. Lawrence Wong, our guest writer, shares his thoughts . [...]

Hold Onto Your Job

My grandfather lived through the Great Depreciation of 1929 and founded a successful construction firm, When drawn on issues of employment used to say “Hold on to your Job – the crash is coming”. Peter Wilson FCPA, is an economist who says this a similar vein . “I know we’re looking forward to low growth and higher unemployment. So don’t walk”. Wilson, explains what you need to know before you jump ship. [...]