Is having a good solvency Policy as Intelligent for Business as it is for Life?

  The news earlier this year that AMP has surrendered its title as Australia’s biggest life insurer,  as it battles a surge in policy lapses and claims. Read more: Over 20 years ago from the late 1980’s to the mid 90’s financial management of back office processes in a Life and General insurance office, was part of my job.  That was to ensure business processes were in place so policy reserves were sustained and costs ratios were managed. Weakened reserves are always a concern.…

Learn how Darth Data uses his Laser to find treasures hidden in dark places.

  A great read is “Are You Making The Most of Your Dark Data? By Timo Elliot. In it he translates the concept of finding and using a treasure trove of data hidden away in the dark inside organizations. As I read his working example it defined and placed for me an imperative value on getting to and using it to find hidden treasures. Curious for many of us when we hear of things like Big Data and Dark Data being spoken about, we quickly…

Do you have a Strategy to beat the market?

Are you in the 20% of Executives who are wired to be ahead of the game. Or are you in one of those Businesses who look for new ideas from experts with reputations made on ideas older than you? In 1967 Edward Debono coined the term “Lateral Thinking”. He got everyone to “think out side the box”, and many went there and prospered. With the high speed institutional change now a global level norm, having an outside the box strategy is vital. Technology simulation means…

We see but choose not to see

Unless we start admitting and scrutinizing the real flaws in our “system” and able to find the heart with a unwavering conviction to repair the ills from bottom up, there remains no chance for ending corruption and let’s not even speak about peace.

Lawrence Wong, our guest writer, shares his thoughts .

Hold Onto Your Job

My grandfather lived through the Great Depreciation of 1929 and founded a successful construction firm, When drawn on issues of employment used to say “Hold on to your Job – the crash is coming”. Peter Wilson FCPA, is an economist who says this a similar vein . “I know we’re looking forward to low growth and higher unemployment. So don’t walk”.

Wilson, explains what you need to know before you jump ship.

For success to keep hunting and gathering to feed the family are you ready to change?

In the very recent tough times of 2008-9. I posted a short story about how even Donald Duck must change if he wants to stay in the race. Now 4 years on it seems no less relevant, so here it is again. Being flexible to take advantage of opportunity is not one of the stronger attitudes of people. We are all creatures of habit which organizations rely on to have us do our work. But as markets change and work place thinking reassesses its investments,…

To move a Silo to be a Service organization must you first believe Quality Costs Nothing?

In Thailand only six out of ten senior executives strongly agree that they are aware of what is expected of them at work Tough times are ahead for some in their 30’s enjoying the ride of the transition. As margins fade in the evaporating cheap copycat culture that traditionally filled the coffers of investors, the competitive edge for Thai Industry is moving to innovative and quality positions. It is not only Foreigners investors in Thailand but educated Thais who know static work practices and ethics of past have become expensive. They are all now openly challenging the self constraining subservient and paternalistic ways of the past, saying they must go. What many fail to understand is this type of change is not only cost driven but stems from complete restructuring to a services based culture at all levels. In service cultures the work practices focus directly on adding real value to the next stage in the supply chain. This not only needs education but restructuring to re-link processes and communication to unhook functional control and move this to service based orientation.

Read more to understand these issues.