When counting the 12 Apostles is their attraction success just what you make of it or is there a formula?

The 12 Apostles, when christened by Victorian tourism in the 1920s, numbered as only nine in the cluster. Now there is eight. and inevitably reduce even further. Remarkably Victorian tourism maintains the 12 apostles metaphoric brand as its centerpiece to increasingly attract millions of visitors each year. What is their secret? [...]

Should Nest Egg Management be Taught at School so Retirement Planning is Intuitive When Starting Work?

Many planning to retire, find it is quite a job. Self-accountability is a big one to master, when previously, as we just did our job, we had it all done by superannuation professionals. But being cut loose from a life of working in structured and supported activity that brought money in, thrusts the burden to keep a superannuation nest egg productive to live on for the rest of your life. [...]

If ethics and fair play are survival prerequisites, why do we need “No Cheating” rules in society?

Larry Berezen, Chief Operating Office of the advocacy firm, New York Parking Ticket, in his down to earth blog post this week, talks about an alleged pea and thimble parking sign trap in NYC. There an ambiguous 3 headed monster controlling 4 parking bays has, it seems, unfairly netted the city $72000 in just 6 months, as exposed by The Daily News. I ran Larry’s post past Professor Roland F Chessman. a noted sociologist and a friend. That triggered him to share his own story about some foundation rules and ethics as it relates to students cheating in exams. To make the ethical connection between their quite different stories, with their permissions, here is Roland’s story: [...]

Are Life Blood Financial Services driven by Artificial Intelligence or is that a Star-Ship Enterprise Concept?

Retiring Westpac Bank Chief, Gail Kelly’s parting gift is compelling;. She talks about to the timeless concept of not missing the bus so you get to the game. But the incredible change she eludes to is the fact that the game is now being played on the bus itself. Read more about how artifical intellegence is causing that: [...]

Should we rest now that Artificial is actually Real?

It is well known that in the last 25 years, as capital productivity grew, labor productivity has remained conversely flat. Sadly the changes to fix the imbalance will be tough on those who worked hard to create what-is now, as that too is being changed by new artificial reality. Read more on how artficial self learning ability is being hard wired to our daily lives. [...]

Case Study: How a logistics business wins with on time delivery as its every-day competitive event.

This quote from the Managing Director says it all. “We know even the big guys struggle on this, but having it gives us an edge. Our service is what keeps customers happy, but keeping competition out of our accounts and winning new ones, is knowing our main competitor is ourselves. Having a living plan to keep us on track, gives us our competitive confidence so we always remain sharp.” Take a look at what this firm did to get that. [...]

Does the Question “Why is it So” cause Perpetual Motion

Improving processes includes looking for things disconnected or missing. So if you follow the rule “ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” you may not see the gaps. But running a “why is it so” acid test means what works must be proven. Read more about the irascible professor in the 70’s who used this to change how people think. [...]