Understanding Consumner Behaviour

If ethics and fair play are survival prerequisites, why do we need “No Cheating” rules in society?

Larry Berezen, Chief Operating Office of the advocacy firm, New York Parking Ticket, in his down to earth blog post this week, talks about an alleged pea and thimble parking sign trap in NYC. There an ambiguous 3 headed monster controlling 4 parking bays has, it seems, unfairly netted the city $72000 in just 6 months, as exposed by The Daily News. I ran Larry’s post past Professor Roland F Chessman. a noted sociologist and a friend. That triggered him to share his own story about some foundation rules and ethics as it relates to students cheating in exams. To make the ethical connection between their quite different stories, with their permissions, here is Roland’s story: [...]

Do we need to be even more aware of Scorpions in business?

Even though we may be commercially savvy, under pressure we can be vulnerable. To retain and win business, paying attention on quality of service offerings, and following the customer is always right rule, is still a most important mantra. But as we buy, sell or delver our services, vetting and constant due diligence is equally important to stay in business. [...]

Who profits from poor data quality?

In the course of reading I found something that I believe puts a very different perspective on data management. We talk a lot about how real time fast retrieval based analytics reporting can be used to grow the business. The truth it that it is not always so. Modern business systems have high integrity built in and can present data to you on demand, so you can ask questions that perhaps can be of high impact . That is the real value But when a system process is broken or poorly designed, aside from fixing the cause, it seems bad data can provide business opportunities for the unscrupulous? The question posed in the research material I read asked, Who profits from poor data quality? Well apparently, the retail industry does—sometimes. [...]

Yellow Pages “ Free PIZZA “ offer now closed

Do you like Pizza?. Well if you do and wanted to take advantage of a free offer you are to late, Last month saw a great deal that had markets buzzing. In a market research exercise last month about putting a brand and products to the test Yellow Pages in Australia while keeping distance to see what happened had a disguised involvement in a PIZZA promotion. The results were outstanding. if you want to know how to market to get results this is such a great case study and well worth a look. [...]