Should business best practices Include Requests for Information templates?

Responding to a Request for Information (RFI) to qualify to tender a proposal, takes a lot of effort. Experience shows that deals are won and lost not on tenders but on the work that leads up to them. So if you are invited to respond to an RFI to provide solutions, treating it like a qualifying call does need all your pre-sales skills to deliver it well, so it counts. This paper shares some practical experience of what a real RFI process looks like. [...]

Do we need to be even more aware of Scorpions in business?

Even though we may be commercially savvy, under pressure we can be vulnerable. To retain and win business, paying attention on quality of service offerings, and following the customer is always right rule, is still a most important mantra. But as we buy, sell or delver our services, vetting and constant due diligence is equally important to stay in business. [...]

Looking back in on leads-can be fruitful. They will remember the investment you made in them.

As a teenager in school, I never had much luck meeting girls. Or when I did I was last in line. My mate had much more success, so I asked him his secret. He said no one cared that he spent time with the lower grade girls. But like the moth metamorphosis, when it happened and they become beautiful butterflies he did not have to stand in line. [...]

Future of Communication Online: Options to Email Bankruptcy

It has been said Email is dead but can anything take its place. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said recently email is probably going away. James O’Locklan opens a Techlines panel discussion is communication thought leaders with a statement. “Technological change is everywhere but sometimes things are just good for the sake of it.” Is email still the best tool for the task and why do we talk about email as a chore like it gets in the way of our lives are question he puts to the panel pictured here. If you are an email and social networking addict this is worth taking the time to listen to. [...]

A short story about Listening

Looking back on some earlier posts about listening the are several in our archives including a video. They set out to make the point that listening is about intelligently hearing what is being communicated not just what is being said. Mothers know this intuitively when listen to their kids. All these have upwards of 500+ words. But this one says it all in less than 50….Enjoy. [...]