Do we need to be even more aware of Scorpions in business?

Even though we may be commercially savvy, under pressure we can be vulnerable. To retain and win business, paying attention on quality of service offerings, and following the customer is always right rule, is still a most important mantra. But as we buy, sell or delver our services, vetting and constant due diligence is equally important to stay in business. [...]

Climate to fundamentally change in Australia

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been in operation for twenty two years. We are now out of time to avoid significant climate change. and must fundamentally change the way we think about energy and how we do business The is the message being sent to the Australian Government as it formed a minority team last week based on an alliance with independent greens who hold the balance of power. The new government is : [...]

Thailand in Transition: Impacts and what it means to others!!

With the recent political unrest in Thailand the strategic importance of this country in South East Asia and its place as a stable economic base is becoming more understood. As this remarkable economy rebounds, there remains no doubt that indelible “power of the poor people” can no longer be ignored. In the aftermath of the unrest the powerful people in the political oppositions at the next elections are hell-bent to take back control of the countries riches . But whoever leads, if they cannot deliver the social change and restore harmony, it will be very hard to avoid more unrest. The longer term impact is not only in Thailand, but the region and many in global economies. [...]

Bangkok recovery is now encouraging

The Curfew still remains in force in Bangkok as clean up operations continue and order in the city and provinces is resorted. Even so headlines of last 2 days still show dangers are still present. The Bangkok CentralWorld management just sent me by our office provider SERVCORP gives some good news about our office in there. In it they advise the extent of the fire damage generally to the Centralworld complex on the 19th May 2010. [...]

Bangkok is a tinderbox right now

As I post this I am getting live reports via my Skype I just heard that in in Rama 4 in Bangkok, four people have just been shot. One is dead and three injured. Since my post on Saturday I have been keeping it updated in the comments section as events occur, Tonight as tensions seem to be heightening I have included this as a separate post too. Here is an update on events in Bangkok before to 6PM., Sine then a critical meeting between the opposing sides has been cancelled. The casualty count as reported is 60 dead and 1000 hurt. [...]