Learning About Business

Big, small, established or just starting, learning what makes customers happy is a constant.

It is not enough having best product, service, capability, marketing and people. Making it all work together with conviction, knowledge and a plan. is what business must do.

Learning about business is an investment that never stops. But business is not all about work; its also about having a life. Getting that blend right so you are having fun means you will never work, as you have a great life.

Over the years, as I assembled these pages, with contributions from my colleagues, my aim has continued to be to help others. By sharing the learning experiences and ideas from my customers and the many wonderful friends I have and always enjoy working with, I have enriched that for myself and learned so much more in the process.

For what its worth  to you, please use and enjoy what you find.  If you find this useful,  consider also sharing what you learn in your own way, so others may learn from you too.

Best wishes

Gordon Wood

2 thoughts on “Learning About Business

  1. Dear Weston,

    Both being Alumni fellows of the University Ofardnoks, in campuses on different parts of the globe., we both know that encouragement brings to fruition its intended value often well into the future and long after the opportunity for thanks is gone.

    On the off chance it is not, I just want to say to you now that your genuine boost and question has remained on my blog for many years as a continuing reminder doing valuable work by promoting “always having something real or substantial to talk about”.

    You asked how do I advertise? The answer is I don’t! I simply try to share what I learn by writing about cases and people in the hope it adds value to others with similar interests and ambitions for the same long term value.

    In the meantime as I am also fortunate in my work, where valid, I can use the material as a shared reference. Then as I meet others face to face I may have something relevant to give them to use or share.

    Many thanks for your encouragement.

    very best wishes

    Gordon Wood

  2. This page appears to recieve a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual spin on things. I guess having something real or substantial to talk about is the most important thing.

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