How can you be effective with a single advertisement?

Life is filled with hard decisions……..


This now famous advert with the baby on the boob shows him torn between to staying on or trying the cookie.

Thespian, William Claude Dukenfield (better known as W C Fields), distinguished the timeless aphorism. “Never follow a child act”. Now you see why!!

This Oreo Cookie Advertisement created in Korea will be hard to beat. In the category of “One of Best Ever” it combines the delightful appeal of not such a bad looking breast with a child in natural bondage, who is distracted by the cookie.

What makes it really work is the cleverly linked and equally empathetic attention grabber headline, “Life is filled with hard decisions……..” That in turn causes you to go back the picture to see the significance and the Oreo brand tucked in the corner.

Oreo of course you will find prominent on shelves of the worlds supermarkets and convenience stores with Oreo boasting 100 years of being the world’s favourite cookie.

Cheil Worldwide the AD creator is a worldwide advertising group headquartered in Seoul. With their success on this campaign they may have just rewritten other well knows sayings such as . “

Selling like hot cookies” & “You Can have your Cookie and suck it too.”

That is surely true for Nabisco with this campaign success to make it game over for their Cooke maker competitors like Mrs. Fields and others if they try to upstage them, especially in the next act.

In the end it goes to prove the best ideas that sell are the simple ones that have broad-based connection appeal and get everyone talking.


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