As you “Walk the Talk”, did you notice the people now talking and walking have changed?

Maybe it is not just Climate Change we need to worry about. Evidence shows the internet may be disappearing into a Cloud.

We already see “On the Run” methodologies called “Agile”. replacing the longstanding System Development Life Cycles, as the way to plan and deliver projects that in their day drove the internet revolution. But sadly much more is changing as once hallowed jobs go and new concepts replace them.

For example, project managers who were once king are now lining up in droves in redundancy queues. Change management agents and business analysts, their replacements, are now firmly entrenched.

Bankers too, who traditionally lent the money as the way for ideas become a successful business, are also being replaced. At first, it was at drip feed pace, but now it’s almost frenzied, as an always competitive “Pitch” based Venture Capitalists are claiming this lucrative space.

Four letter words like BOSS WORK and HOME have also replaced by three letter acronyms, known as TLA’s. This sees Managing Directors and Finance Directors all but gone too.  In their place we see PWC and a plethora of Business Consulting Advisory firms, know as BCA’s, advising the Chief Financial Officer we call CFO.

The job of the CFO is to keep on hand, for the Board and Shareholders, a constant supply of clean high fashion Sarbanes-Oxley SOX. On the other hand keeping the CEO up to speed is the CFO mission designed to keep them both stay out of jail  The job of the CEO,  being the biggest O, too is no longer about running the business but more a hands-off job to just plan the course and focused on the strategy to get everyone there.

When we talked about flattening management layers in the efficiency focussed 90’s, we did not need a Chief Operating Officer as we got operations to do all that. Today we see COO’s titanically moving the chairs, as they also do the steering. That, of course, left operations directors all now defunct too.

And so the COO can direct the business, has his helpers. These include, a CIO for information,  a CTO for Technology, a CBO for Business Intelligence and a CMO for Marketing and so on.  Smart manufacturing using ERPs and ITC’s these days have also replaced the shop floor workers. So now when things go wrong they have no way to say “sorry about the chief”. So the chief, who has no union, gets a bonus to leave.

HOME too is now a place of WORK replacing the traditional go to the office. That legacy no longer resonates with the lost institution called leisure, that often began with the call “Hi Honey I’m Home”.

Small Office Home Offices known as SOHO’s are now seen all over the world. And collectively remote workers at HOME or in SOHO’s,  often don’t ever talk to each other face to face, They all now collaborate in the Cloud.

The traditional Management Team too with practices like team building,  career and succession planning, have also moved over for the C’s. They, in turn, have Seagulls to fly in and fly out to poop on workers not meeting quotas.

Managers, who used to be respected and responsible,  are now seen as passé. In their place, we see Vice Presidents and Executive Managers who come and go at the whim of new Job Search prizes. How long is it since we saw a Human resources manager? Vice President’s of Human resources and so on are abundant. Curiously too in some companies, they have a raft of VP’s who answer to no-one, given there is no President and just a CEO.

Salespeople too used to have one of the most important jobs. But sadly, VP’s of Sales and Executive Business Development Managers have also taken over. These euphemistic supermom experts on all their companies products spend their days going about replacing salespeople with channel partners and agents who in turn often know little more than the commission rate they will get. All too often too, to close deals they send out benefits hooks on PowerPoint to the field agents and partners, as a go figure value statement for a customer problem.

That is even more confusing to VP’s of Global Supply Chain Management, who actually still just want to buy goods. But they too have replaced the purchasing managers, who knew who sold what and where, because they were face to face people who stayed up to date. Artificially Inseminated Robots known as AI or BOTS, now look down us from the clouds and unlike the past, they never buy lunch.

It seems too that even who does the work is no longer clear. Be they modern well-fed sweat shops in factories or well-oiled chain gangs in offices, replacement is happening there too. Global Supply Chains, invisible to social controls seen only in the Cloud,  now do the real work.

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