April 2015

Are Life Blood Financial Services driven by Artificial Intelligence or is that a Star-Ship Enterprise Concept?

Retiring Westpac Bank Chief, Gail Kelly’s parting gift is compelling;. She talks about to the timeless concept of not missing the bus so you get to the game. But the incredible change she eludes to is the fact that the game is now being played on the bus itself. Read more about how artifical intellegence is causing that: [...]

Should we rest now that Artificial is actually Real?

It is well known that in the last 25 years, as capital productivity grew, labor productivity has remained conversely flat. Sadly the changes to fix the imbalance will be tough on those who worked hard to create what-is now, as that too is being changed by new artificial reality. Read more on how artficial self learning ability is being hard wired to our daily lives. [...]