September 2014

Does the Question “Why is it So” cause Perpetual Motion

Improving processes includes looking for things disconnected or missing. So if you follow the rule “ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” you may not see the gaps. But running a “why is it so” acid test means what works must be proven. Read more about the irascible professor in the 70’s who used this to change how people think. [...]

Should business best practices Include Requests for Information templates?

Responding to a Request for Information (RFI) to qualify to tender a proposal, takes a lot of effort. Experience shows that deals are won and lost not on tenders but on the work that leads up to them. So if you are invited to respond to an RFI to provide solutions, treating it like a qualifying call does need all your pre-sales skills to deliver it well, so it counts. This paper shares some practical experience of what a real RFI process looks like. [...]

Is a Cloud Business Intelligence Service a no-brainer at 40% of in-house cost?

We talk about big dinosaurs of reporting facing extinction, as Managers never stop looking for better ways to set and manage targets . Traditional finance reporting methods still make up 82%. But the 18% who do have their business information integrated understand the low cost cloud, to manage a “business current state” is now becoming a reality. Read more as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and a range of hybrid & public cloud services are now so fast to deploy and so much cheaper. [...]