We see but choose not to see

It was another lunch get-together with my good old friend, Kit, and we exchanged the usual pleasantries and very quickly drifted into talking and reflecting on the real issues of our society ills – they have been the same issues for many years now, so basic, so clear but for whatever reasons, people that matters prefer to look the other way. What you hear nowadays are all about negatives and there is a lack of real passion to find a sincere solution to make the country better. Politics has become an arena for power struggle and ordinary people are lame ducks being used as tools believing whatever being thrown at them.  We should stop focusing on one man and we should start scrutinizing the “system”, the real culprit that created the monster and many other monsters in different forms. If you are not bias and if you care to look, these monsters are everywhere and you see them every day. To steal one baht or to steal a billion Baht does not make one a gentleman and the other a criminal.

Unless we start admitting and scrutinizing the real flaws in our “system” and able to find the heart with a unwavering conviction to repair the ills from bottom up, there remains no chance for ending corruption and let’s not even speak about peace.

A family is strong if there is real love for each other and it will survive the worst crisis and come out even stronger. Education is powerful as it makes you understand the right from wrong.

President Kennedy once said in his inauguration speech “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, so simple, so pure and so powerful but to most of us, it sounds more like “Ask what the country can do for ME”

Author : Lawrence Wong


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