Hold Onto Your Job

My grandfather who lived through the Great Depreciation of 1929 and founded a successful construction firm, when drawn on issues of employment used to say “Hold on to your Job – the crash is coming”.

In my CPA newsletter this month article by Peter Wilson FCPA, an economist says this a similar vein .

I know we’re looking forward to low growth and higher unemployment. So don’t walk.  

Wilson, tells what you need to know before you jump ship and examines the question

Should you quit your job before lining up another?

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, 68 per cent of all job separations in 2012 were voluntary, with more than half of those being people who left their jobs in search of a better job situation.

Why do people walk?

“About 90 per cent of the reasons people leave businesses is because of people, and issues with those people”,

Wilson says there are three statements those with a good job should be able to say:

1. I understand my job, what is expected of my job and I enjoy it

2. I understand what my team and group are trying to achieve

3. I understand where the organisation is headed and I’m aligned to it

“If you’ve got those three things you are not going to move,” Wilson says.

“The one reason people stay or leave a job is an empathetic boss, someone they respect. If you take that away then that’s the dominant reason why people move.””

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