For success to keep hunting and gathering to feed the family are you ready to change?

In the very recent tough times of 2008-9. I posted a short story about how even Donald Duck must change if he wants to stay in the race. Now 4 years on it seems no less relevant, so here it is again.

imageBeing flexible to take advantage of opportunity is not one of the stronger attitudes of people. We are all creatures of habit which organizations rely on to have us do our work.

But as markets change and work place thinking reassesses its investments, options are considerable. for those willing to change

A colleague once said, “Having a job sure beats working.” What he meant was, those who avoid dole queues and the anxiety of the job search, are those who can adapt.

In organizations it is no different. Getting different work is as simple as examining and adapting the skills we already have to use them in another ways. Sales and supply chain management,  finance and so on, are all previously  hallowed areas that are all adapting to change.

Even the outsource and remote access worker has caught up to and is replacing the often less efficient ways of entrenched inside workers, A norm for many organizations is a mix that works well to balance the load and costs.

Talented people and smart organizations now  see the opportunity are getting out and winning while others are holding on to outdated ways and are  being left behind as others set up new tents. 

That leads me back to the story of Mr Duck . It goes something like this.

Donald Duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich. “Hang on! you’re a duck, and you can talk!” exclaims the barman.image

With an indignant, “Yes!”, Donald adds “Now if you don’t mind, can I please have my beer and my sandwich ?”

The barman, still quite stunned, calls through the order to the kitchen as he pulls the beer, saying, “We don’t get many ducks in here. What are you doing round this way anyway?”

Donald explains “I used to have a job in movies but things got tough so I’m a plasterer these days working on a building site across the road”.

To make the story short, Donald Duck soon becomes a regular and the barman, over a few weeks, learns the he can also read, sing and much more.

Then one day opportunity knocks when the the circus comes to town. The barman, knew the building job was nearly completed which would mean no more work for his new mate.  So he was vey keen to introduce him to the ringmaster, who had put it about in the bar that he was looking for talent.

When the Donald came in for his usual pint and a sandwich he was greeted with , “Hey Mr. Duck, I can line you up with a top paying job.”

“Where says Donald?” quite excited at the prospect of new work.

“At the circus,” says the barman.

“The Circus?” says Donald quizzically,”You mean that place with the big tent, animals and performers who live in caravans?”

“Yes that’s the one,”said the barman enthusiastically.””They are looking for talent like yours and they asked me to put you in touch “

“Donald just shook his head in amazement..“What would they want with a plasterer?!”

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