Ernesto Sirolli claims Zambezi ripples are causing worldwide entrepreneurship Tsunamis.


I have a dream is not just a famous uttering. but the foundation of all human endeavour. But until a dream of one person finds passionate friends to give it life and it nurture, it stays a dream or simply dies.

Did you ever try to start a business, run projects or just have a mission to help someone and find it is not as easy as beer and skittles. Learning those hard lessons means you will not find it not hard to accept what Ernesto Sirolli also leaned after he got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70’s.

He quickly realized how ineffective aid work was. From that he also learned, “The person who can you make it, sell it, and look and after the money does not exist”; “No one can be a success alone”; and “No successful business was is ever started by one person”

Sirolli’s advice is “If you want to help people first listen and capture the energy and imagination of the people you want to help. And to do that you must shut-up and listen while at the same time, bring no ideas, zero infrastructures, and most important without patronizing or being paternalistic. And accept to that if people do not wish to be helped then leave them alone.”

Listening to this TED video you can hear him speak for himself in an impassioned talk on what works will help any entrepreneur.