What Simple Simon and Guy Kawasaki learned about Business from their Jobs?

A Guy Kawasaki video circulating sees him talk about his penultimate job with mentor Steve Jobs who showed us all how it’s done. When I listen I reflect on a time when I went out to work determined to make my way in in life in my first job, I was them armed with some sound advice from my father, who had had always drummed into me some golden rules.

First he would say that making things simple takes work and simple is what sells. He would often add “Don’t ever believe Simple Simon was simple, he just made it look easy:.

And secondly whether you work for a boss or you are the boss, there are only a few things to make a business successful namely; understanding your market, having good selling skills, having solid Financial management, having a flexible and reliable production capacity and most importantly have and maintain an ability to always be innovative,

I have now been through the mill of life myself now, for example this has taught me to:

  • Make sure I have products that you can add value that sells.
  • Strive to give the customer what they need and not just give they say they want.
  • Be always sure the customer gets value for money but also be sure you get money for value.
  • Be ahead of the wave by employing good people to innovate and don’t rely on experts to set the trend.
  • Deliver something often and also stretch to be innovative to deliver with more even if it is not quite complete.

My Dad was his own man who in his life made it happen despite his humble country school beginnings. He returned from the Second World War to start his working life as a carpenter. He like so many then, did very well and ended up heading his own construction. That was when the heyday of construction was about making hay.

Today construction has become commodity business run by business men and women who only ever picked up hammer and chisel to do home renovations. It’s a world where jobs like my father’s, as master tradesman, no longer exist. But his legacy even now, generations on, is still the mainstream model.

Guy Kawasaki is a charismatic man, and a many times over reincarnated entrepreneur. He talks about his mentor Steve Jobs with great reverence as he relates 12 rules Jobs taught him. But Jobs was not just another master. His uniqueness took the valuable lessons of my father and others like him to a whole new level.

Listen as Guys says it all and more.

If you are doing a Master’s Degree and want a leg up, then bookmark this Video and listen often. Each time you do, you will hear much more.

4 thoughts on “What Simple Simon and Guy Kawasaki learned about Business from their Jobs?

    1. Thanks Jimmy,

      it is a a real honor to get your comment.

      Yes wouldn’t it be cool if we could all be as ahead of the curve as Guy Kawasaki and be hot.. I am thinking about going back to the garage where it all began for me too. But like I am with Kawasaki I am also a fan of Jimmy Harjadi whose ideas push that magic line of out there thinking to get them into a ship often state.


    1. Hi Kit,

      Do you mean the intro where Kawasaki talks about his experience with Hi Tech speakers and not wanting to fall into the same trap.

      He says “if they suck and its short its OK
      “If they are Good and go long its OK”
      if they suck and go long its not OK.

      In his case he was not only good but he was short as he delivered his 12 key points. Then his audience kept him there for as much time again and left them wanting more as he brilliantly answered their questions.

      Personally I have listened to this speech at least half a dozen times and each time I get more from it

      Thanks for the comment

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