Is Facing down compromise today’s motivational challenge?

imageI say I hate Facebook. Why? Because even in a lift, on a bus or a train where people are faced with making eye contact, they take refuge in their phones and do Facebook.

I even saw a guy recently, doing a presentation to a live audience, weave social media into his speech like it was relevant. Then while using his phone as a prop, he actually stopped like we were no longer there to deal with message that had come to  his “eye-pad”.

The misnomer about Facebook is you never actually get to see anyone’s face.  Plus it all seems confusing with cover pages, timelines like / dislikes and being generally driven up the “Wall” by nonsense and fluff being.

Have you got Facebook I am often asked by people I meet socially. When I look quizzically, I get  “I have lots of stuff you may be interested in.”  My reply is always the same “I have but I can’t remember the URL Why don’t you send me an email or a text instead” .

Having said that, the irony for me isI saw these words of wisdom when I was entice to someone’s Facebook site.  Maybe getting anti’s like me loving to hate then and telling everyone about it is equally powerful marketing tool.

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