Using Metaphors to make money by making more moments – Darth Who?

image“All you businesses and Internet Marketing gurus will find Larry’s blog a must to follow to see how to keep it simple by just calling it as it is. Yes that actually works. “New York Parking Ticket LLC ” may seem a funny name for an advisory firm, but it is a serious business that does that to provide a very unique public service.

Larry Berezin is the chief operating officer there, who after retiring as a mainstream New Jersey lawyer for 35 years, joined to partner with Dan Giacomarro, the firm founder. Together with their increasing downtown team in Manhattan, they are fearless in their quest to level the Pol Pot style paying field days of what is perceived as shylock style bureaucrats in the NYC Department of Finance. They run the parking fine collection administration as a business that brings in over 600 million dollars a year.

Taking a leaf out New York Parking Ticket book is well worthwhile, when you see how they have successfully built their very human bread and butter business. In a spectrum spanning ordinary citizens and small business to medium to large companies, who they help, they have done this simply by taking on and winning against what once seemed an unbeatable foe. And they continue to flourish by consistently providing viable choices and persistent education to people to consider “When you are right, then fight”.

Larry’s blog features center-stage as their major marketing tool. It provides a plain English advice & reference source with behind the scenes insights into what goes on. Here they make simple to understand what is perceived as a complex web of parking rights and rules. Quality knowledge pulls together researched educational content which is habitually delivered with superb writing skills using very cleverly woven and entertaining metaphors.

Being an Aussie who for the most part lives on the other side of the planet, my interest in understanding parking laws in New York is purely academic. Even though I have only lived in New York for a few weeks at a time, like so many, I am addicted to its energy So when finding his site after I was connected to Larry on Twitter, I got hooked: Then even more so when I made a vain attempt to be humorous and posted a comment. Borrowing from Robin Gibb’s 1968 song “I started a joke…”, in my case the whole world didn’t even care”. But true to his nature Larry did. As I had seen him do with others, I got a very warm and insightful response. It was clear right then and even more as a great friendship has evolved; his genuineness extends to all the people they touch and is a major contributing factor in their business success.

But we all know that just being nice guys is not enough. A good business needs more and needs to finds ways to remain vital.

Like a Tom and Jerry cartoon with lots of action they have a simple model with only a few key characters doing basically the same thing every day. And to keep it ever fresh they report on real human interest events that continue to see the changing fortunes in the lives of the lead characters as heroes and villains.

Hence the serious subject of taking on money miffs, comes alive, not only for locals but for far afield outsiders who empathize with the shenanigans that go on in Halls of Power in every state of every country. The short version is New York City locals get a one-of-a-kind, totally affordable solution for parking ticket pain and “New York Parking Ticket LLC” continues to grow as highly credible advisors with extending reach.

This past week, on Larry’s Blog saw a great example of its marketing power using a well know metaphor to educate. A delightful Darth Vader piece hit the web and the inboxes of its many loyal subscribers like me.

clip_image002[1]With the catchy title, Darth Vader gets a NYC Parking Ticket for MM Violation; the “you cant make this stuff up” post included an embedded video that saw Darth Vader who was doing charity event being booked then snubbed by a parking cop when he tried to claim his rights and show his valid ticket. As reported by FM News the video apparently went viral after a bystander used a phone to make this Jimmy Olsen style scoop. Curiously it has since been made private and I must wonder why? Here is the FM New report.

But before the video was nobbled, it had grabbed my attention so much I could not resist posting a comment, which I have re-pasted here with some “politically corrected” edits to my original use of US idioms. Hopefully that will appease any pedantic Antipod friends who would otherwise ask me to apologize, and yes, using a ZED too.


Along with Joker Jack Nicholson, Darth Vader is a favorite villain of many of us. Both invoke in us all one of life’s most enjoyable emotional states.- Suspended disbelief.

But it seems here Darth may have forgotten his George Lucas’ advice “If it works wonders on most, it may even soften a parking officer”.

Here in the clip the intrepid Mr Vader seems a bit miffed with the reality where he may have forgotten his real power comes from using wonderful lines with his dark timbre voice of a James Earl Jones ilk.

As Larry’s’ Blog said his chance was lost to be a 5 minute manager and get his ticket scratched with an M&M show, when the parking officer scurried off so fast. The officer may have been thinking “It was all too Easy”, and would have also known that to stay would have meant the “The Force is strong with this one

As I indulge in spinning off DV quotes, may I conclude by saying the ever trustworthy C-3PO message I hear in Larry’s post sounds like”

“Mr. Parking Inspector, You may think you have the power of the evil empire on your side, but think again, because we know the power of the dark side, “Don’t underestimate the Force”.

Cheers Gordon

But who cares about being politically correct anyway. A spade, is a spade no matter what you call it, and sells so much better when a customer gets that upfront.

So all you business guys and gals out there who want the scoop on how that is done, why don’t you give Larry a call and please tell him I sent you. Ever humble I know he would still love the attention and is always open to share his ideas.


(Incidentally MM is a muni-meter not to be confused with M&M confectionary or Money Miffs. Larry advises us the law in New York provides five minutes grace for overstays on Muni meters, In this time it is still not an infringements and if a ticket is issued it is unenforceable. In this case the parking ticket office was obliged to tear up the ticket but scampered instead. In the end it was that force that got Mr Vader off)

One thought on “Using Metaphors to make money by making more moments – Darth Who?

  1. This man is a Bull Terror when to comes to getting justice. Hard hitting commentary about NYC Mayor Bloomberg is an example in his latest blog
    Parking ticket justice delayed is justice denied

    Illegal, scam parking tickets are still being issued by rogue warriors, and guilty findings to these illegal, scam parking tickets are still being rendered by a gaggle of parking ticket judges behaving badly. Shame on you!

    But, what really scares me is that members of the driving community pay parking tickets when they’re right because they believe it is fruitless and too time consuming to fight. I beg and beseech you, do not give up fighting the good fight because you think you can’t win.

    Repeat LOUDLY after me, “We will, we will rock you!”

    Trust me, there are still plenty of honest judges out there who do the right thing, despite the pressure to be collection agents and not judges.

    C’mon Mayor, you’re on the right side of so many issues, stop burying your head in a sea of orange greenbacks and clean up this mess.


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