Does Clarity One-up Creativity?

Are you emails effective? Many in business know a clear subject line will get your email read. It seems this all too important best practice is now a key to good marketing. Getting readers attention is critical in Marketing with the traditional headline creative teams using “playing with words” techniques to make it catchy. Yet it seems the trend is moving to clarity for better effect, according to a response survey results published by AWRBER Communications.

People want to be told directly what they can expect and not entertained by puns or puzzle out what subject line could mean.

Here’s are some subject lines by category judged in the survey response:


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  3. 43 Free Animated GIFs For Your Email Campaign
  4. What Do Teens Really Think Of Email?


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  2. Getting Earth-Friendly Beyond Email
  3. Threadless’ Frequency Alert: Hot or Not?
  4. Why You Want Your Emails Filtered

Clear category results exceeded the Creative in each all 5 response channels measured:

Comments             1107%
Tweets                 315%
Facebook Likes       331%
Traffic                  617%
Email Subscriptions 366%

Article author Amanda Gagnon Education Marketing Associate at AWRBER Communications, who confessed she likes being creativity, said she really didn’t want to believe the numbers when she saw them, and had another team member double-check them.

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