Why pay for service when doing it yourself is cheaper?

I may sound antiquated saying this, but I still use a travel agent to book my travel. She tells me I can do it myself online much cheaper. But I persist. Just like my lawyer on legal matters, I find paying the premium for a specialist pays dividends in more ways than one.

Recognizing it is not all about marginalizing cost, I still believe that what goes around comes around and often sooner than later. Call it old fashioned but I believe it is about sticking to what we know best.

And I know if I concentrate on my customers it works. Conversely by doing self-service  it is is like the award winner builder who never completed his own house. Being one’s own “Bush lawyers” may save money but to be sure the hidden pitfalls make it false economy. 

The same goes for travel arrangements as does many other services, not only legal work . If I engage my Lawyer or my travel agent who concentrate on their customers (me) in the areas they are is good it lets me concentrate to be good with mine.

The trick is understanding specialist value as your advisor too and letting them know.  I am sure in my case being clear on that is what motivates them to be clear to give me great service. But it goes further. Like a two way investment  the commercial relationship goes way beyond the service level by connecting other people, That in turn helps all our businesses. Referrals aside, keeping specialists involved I find means the job gets done without bottlenecks with more than one pair eyes alert to avoid issues.

If you are not convinced then think about your social world. We always pay more for liquor in a bar than we do if I get some at the supermarket and drink it at home. Bars of course are social places to meet friends or in business often to network. My local is a good one for both and I tell the owner often that I appreciate his efforts making his place good to relax in and talk

Call it service or renting the space, it sure beats getting drunk sending emails and Facebook updates at home on your own.

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