Daylight Saving Theory On The Cause of The 10 Year Droughts in Australia!

clip_image001There is a long running, baseless debate in Australia about harmful effects of daylight saving or as it is known in other parts of the world, Summer time. For most Australians, where in the daylight hours operates for a six month period thru the peak of summer, people don’t mind getting up an hour earlier to swap their morning hours to the afternoon to enjoy extended leisure activity.

One of the most famous anti-summer-time stories was about a Queensland woman who called a local radio station and said she as worried about her husband who woke each day at 7am with an erection. Her argument and genuine concern was if they brought in daylight saving in Queensland, he would have it on the bus.

Here is another story in the form a letter the editor from Chris Hill.  I found it was dated 1 October 2008 when reported as having been published in the Albury Border Mail, a country newspaper in Australia. Paraphrased it said, “As I kid we never had droughts. Now with six month a year daylight saving the extra sun is sapping the moisture. The government needs to stop the daylight saving causing this.”

Australia for over 10 years experienced one of the longest droughts on record before it broke in 2010. Hence such theories from yokel thinkers like Chris Hill, who walk among us in Australia too, may be expected. In Queensland the progressives largely sub-tropical state, they have a natural day is short so borrowing the mooning darkness for additional daylight to play in summer is to hard for them to understand. They have a share of slow thinkers too so daylight swapping there was made irrelevant by that minority in referendum when their negative votes out-polled the yes votes, 54.5% of 45.5%.

The thriving Albury, people however are not from Queensland and are typical Aussies who like to take the piss and delight in lampooning “They Walk Among Us” stuff.

imageOur Newfoundland mate, Maz Garnet, and adopted Aussie by definition, sent me the pictured Chris Hill article today.  Maz, true or not I must acknowledge this one for the former newspaper editor of the Albury Border Mail himself. Cameron Thompson sadly died not long before that story was posted.  But his great sense of public duty that reflected in his popular editorial policy, that delighted local readers with many similar stories. has been continued by his successors. He was my wife’s nephew and she will be pleased his stuff is still circulating .

Many yarns that circulate go way back, but still make us laugh when repeated.  A case in point are some of my Dad’s, He died in 2005. Due credit is due to him now for telling me that Queensland yarn at the time daylight saving was being introduced in the 1980s’ . His legacy to me was his strong beliefs that for humour, to be funny, has to alert us to the ridiculous. And in so doing it develops our clear thinking side. His humour always entertained and for me I thank him for teaching me that and in enjoying it I now have the option to pretend I think clearer.

it is all such a joke anyway, when you consider in Albury the longest day of the year is around mid December when the sun rise at standard time around 4:30 am and sets just before 7:30 pm That makes nearly 15 hours of sun, so who cares about people who say it is bad swapping an hour of that wasted early morning daylight, when we are all still asleep. It is a no brainer that people like longer leisure time till say 8:30 and even more with the longer summer twilights that extend this.

One thing we do know is Scandinavian countries breed smart people. It is interesting too that they are the lands of the mid-night sun. So it is all about seeing the light and maybe nothing to do with having fun. Yes its about productivity! Why else do governments do nice things for people? I am sorry Mr Hill but you will need to come up with a better theory to fix the cause of droughts.

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