Quotable Quotes from John Lonergan & Associates

Overheard on February 14 (origin unknown)

"Love, is when 2 people mutually agree to over-estimate each other."

imageIimage got that from John Lonergan, an Organization Development Consultant (That’s a bloke who develops people). John markets himself with catchy quotes like that.

John also posts in Linked-In where we keep connected as a former colleagues at Colonial mutual.  He now heads up his own consulting practice that he shingles as John Lonergan & Associates. His mission is helping people and organizations to meet their potential.

John. a self-confessed people-watcher and is interested in ornithology or study of birds. (That seems to go well together.)  He says he  likes Brian Wilson music.

When we worked together, his spot on ideas focused people on strategic change, professional development and team effectiveness. He has never stopped doing that with his talent now spanning the spectrum of big corporates to micro-businesses.

Before posting this I checked in with John. I also asked him how his book is coming along to formalize his organizational stories. He told me his a collection now has over 500 anecdotes in a catalogue, some just as personal memory joggers.

Sharing some gave me flavor of what to expect and invoked in me a keen interest to read the full stories when they are published. e.g. What well-known CEO / Exec may have said this and what was the underlying story ?

 “It’s like you said Johnny, we use time as an excuse”

“I can’t help you, the system’s down”

“We’re all in this together”

These quotes are from well-known CEO’s and senior executives taken from conversations John has been privileged to. He has many more but I will leave it to him to name names, which in his daily work is his collateral.

A master of motivation, John concluded our conversation in his at-all-times modest style by quoting from his own mantra,

“So, I must get organised! There is always a valid reason to procrastinate.”

Go for it John. I for one am looking forward to reading your stories in whatever form they come.  As a book I know it would be a best seller.

In the meantime, if you run a business and need a business coach or just need someone to give you some how to advice on team building for success, give him a call.  You will not be disappointed.

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