March 2012

Do we really know what influences success?

“Peanuts was my gateway drug.” That got my attention in my son’s cartoon website blog pages where he writes about school days influences that shaped his career as cartoonist. He makes a point about how influences shape what we become as he credits others before him for his own successes. His post brings out to me how we all actually create our purpose based on the influences from others. Curiously too influencers may never know the contribution the make to others’ lives with divergent and maturing successes coming later in life and often too as a cocktail of many leads. This understanding of what makes us tick also seems to dovetail with a philosophy of Steve Jobs shared in one his speeches; where Jobs talks about creating threads then having the faith they will join up at some later stage in life. In his original story is at which I have also copied here below the fold: [...]