Flooding of Bangkok is now an unrelenting inevitability

Bangkok October 19 2011  8:00 AM

Here is an excerpt of an interview I did earlier with Dr Kitipan Kitbamroong  It paints a picture of the desperate battles still to come in this serious flood situation.

Bangkok flooding continues this morning spreading further into the city. Overnight it continued to converge dangerously fast as this funnel forced water mass is now spreading over the low lying Capital

In its path this two month buildup of monster waters from the North that has destroyed the country in its wake is grows even more and now concentrates for its final destructions as is heads for the sea

Dr Kitipan is now one of millions of victims. His home in Prutnmtani is totally underwater. I write this post his parents, who chose to stayed in their upstairs rooms in their house as the waters rose yesterday, are now being recued by boat of their rooftop with everything lost .

In his PhD work, Dr Kitipan made a study of flood water dynamics. He understands the bigger picture well and makes it very clear to many who struggle for information.

This excerpt is taken from a longer video where he gives greater insights not only at a personal level but on the fuller scale of the desperate flooding situation.

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