Bangkok Floods–Unrelenting work as information jigsaw puzzle clears

Sunday October 23 1:20 PM








Weekend rumors and misinformation are playing havoc on concerned Bangkok people as the Northern suburbs continue flooding. Conjecture continues as to where when and how the water will flood into other parts city. At this stage the major flooding is 8-10 kilometers north of the city center.

Panic food buying on Friday also quickly peeked as supermarkets shelves ran bare. Replenishing shelves is being hampered by flood blocks to transportation of goods.

Complacency is not an option as the biggest and most arduous battle is yet to come this week. In the waiting game for many, as the water pushes more into Bangkok, the resilience of the Thailand culture to contain it is now sharply focused. Amazing discussion being heard, as the adversity goes on, is also about starting the rebuild even before it is all over.

Reliance on TV and newspapers and asking people is not always easily interpreted. For the record while doing my own research I grabbed a few items here to refer back to later.

The Nation Newspaper Headline say

Bangkok starts flooding, city residents prepare  October 23, 2011 10:49 am

Authorities said flooding in the capital could last several weeks. Some roads in the northern Don Muang district were waterways with small boats nearly as common as motor vehicles

Bangkok Post headlines this morning are reporting

Flood toll: 356 dead, 2 missing

Flooding still wreaks havoc in 28 northern, northeastern, central and eastern provinces as the flood toll stands at 356 dead and two missing,…

Floods close 227 bank branches

A total of 227 branches of commercial banks and a finance company have been temporary closed due to impact of the widespread flooding,…image


Bird’s Eye On The Floods  An array of photos

Jet Ski Flood Relief             Video water craft used in flood management

Army Fixes Floodgate        Video showing the non trivial water volumes to be managed

Floods now in Bangkok     Graphic photos of flood in Bangkok Suburbs

With places Like Ayutthaya to the north and closer regions of North Bangkok all now underwater and their dormitory suburbs evacuated, the contained water mass is largely protecting Bangkok, Controlled release continue in attempts to minimize damage. All options including diverting the water down pumped out canals are being managed by one authority following a state of emergency declaration yesterday by the Thai Prime Minster.

Thankfully too there has been no rain since early this week,  A major concern now is the high tide period next week that will slow water release and cause back flooding.

The composite Pictorial perspective above shows how the flood from its origins, is now impacting Bangkok. The three months of monsoon rains have continued to fill the center of the country like a tap filling a series of baths with the fill rate more than 20% more than the drain plug can cope. With the subterranean water system also fully saturated, the surface is the only place for the advancing water to be channeled.

Priority work to manage the ongoing flow from central Thailand is being focused to protect central Bangkok.

It is now very clears too that the advancing floods will take several months to subside. Only then as Thailand cleans up will the enormity of the human loss and economic damage will be clear. This disastrous blow that has stopped in its tracks the growth and prosperity that Thailand had was experiencing that others in the world were not.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Floods–Unrelenting work as information jigsaw puzzle clears

  1. gkok buses adjust routes

    27/10/2011 : Bangkok Mass Transit Authority which
    operates buses in Bangkok has to adjust bus routes day by day as more and more
    areas of Bangkok are flooded according to TV news report.

  2. Japanese
    experts: Thai flood not to be feared

    27/10/2011 : Two Japanese experts from Japan
    International Cooperation Agency (JICA) who have been in Thailand for a week now
    to observe the flood situation tell TPBS viewers that people should not fear the
    flood threatening Bangkok because its nature is innundation, not a flash flood
    like in Japan.

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