Bangkok Floods–Update October 20 2011

This morning the flooding is advancing on Bangkok as many tactical defense plans continue

The Nation this morning reported

The government remains fixated on saving inner Bangkok – Its latest decision is to divert the relentless floodwaters down the eastern side of the city, from Sai Mai district to Bang Khen and Nong Chok.

In other news it was revealed the Government is to open Khong 1-7 water to speed up the water flow into the sea. Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Yongyudth Vichaidit  was reported by the Nation as saying he was assigned to talk to the communities  effected and there was no need to use force or legal means as the people now understand.

About the inadequate water pumps to help in the rescue, Mr Yongyuth said that the government has requested China and United States to urgently ship them to Thailand.

Mr Yongyuth insisted that there is still time to protect Bangkok and that BMA governor MR Sukhumphan Boribhat gives total cooperation.

It seems having a good personal plan plan is most important too. I got this message from a work colleague just now .

I’ll cannot go to office today because the village put up a very high sand partition and we cannot drive our car out now. I am now quite worried and have to stand by.

Bangkok Metropolitan here also provide some very useful reference information
























Yesterday the edited interview we published showed the logistics of the advancing floods

Here is the full discussion with insights and possible lessons for those further south in the flood path who are planning and bracing.

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  1. Thanks for allocating this
    update. I’m happy that higher level authorities are trying there best to get
    rid of this flood water. The people of Bangkok
    are facing lot of trouble because of the flood. I’m praying that soon they will
    recover from this epic incident.

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