October 2011

Is managing stress knowing that lending someone $20 and never seeing them again, means it was probably worth it?

My beloved wife Marg sent me an article as knowing my of lifestyle, like most people these days , is about managing stress. She pointed out a coupe of good tips . especially no. 16. and not 1 Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once. & Somedays you are the pigeon and somedays you are the statue. I really like no 6, You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person & no 12 The second mouse gets the cheese. Here is the full article [...]

Flooding of Bangkok is now an unrelenting inevitability

Oct 19 2011 The Bangkok flooding today is now spread further into the Bangkok city. Overnight and now it is converging dangerously fast, as it is funnel forced to the sea thru with only the low lying still in its path Capital. The two months long buildup of flood waters now concentrated from the north that have reek it final destruction that will mean much of the city will need rebuilding after this unrelentingly monster water mass eventually subsides the sea. [...]

Is the value of a professional relationship in information you get, or the expertise that puts it to work for you?

One issue we work hard on being able to differentiate is our value. In the end be-it in sales or service we know being a good consultant is about being able to add more than just information messenger or contractor or value. Becoming expert in our field for best value we both know works, as long as we know what is worth. As we talked David reminded me of a good old story about knowing the value of you expertise. It was about a ship captain who was paying very port high fees after his engines mysteriously failed and he got stranded in port. [...]

Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and former CEO, has died at age 56.

Steve Jobs, a drop in calligrapher student , master inventor, visionary, entrepreneur and a man who changed so many lives and gave us the Mac, the IPod, the IPad and ITunes all as models, died today from a pancreatic tumor. He leaves us a legacy in one of his most important innovation insights. You can only connect the dots by looking backward but you have to trust they will join up later as you continue to follow them. May he rest in peace [...]