Do we need to be even more aware of Scorpions in business?

clip_image001Even though we may be commercially savvy, under pressure we can be vulnerable.

To retain and win business, paying attention on quality of service offerings, and following the customer is always right rule, is still a most important mantra. But as we buy, sell or deliver our services, vetting and constant due diligence is equally important to stay in business.

The 1991 musical hit “Wind of change”, by clip_image002the German band “Scorpions”, celebrates the political changes in Eastern Europe at that time. Fundamental economic changes now going on in the world also remind me of their namesake, the predatory venomous arthropod that features in the fable “Scorpion and the Frog”.

Being a romantic, my version substitutes the frog with a Princess and goes something like this:

The blind princess was reluctant to carry the Scorpion over the river ford in exchange for him guiding her to safety away from the dangerous rising flood waters. But she agreed when the Scorpion said “Don’t worry, if I were to bite you we will both die”.

Half across the scorpion bit her.

As the poison sent her into a dying coma, though her vacant eyes, she looked at him and asked him, “Why did you do that, you know we will both die now?”

“I could not help it” he said.” after all, I am a Scorpion”.

We know what happened to the Princess, but the fable only leaves the impression the villain met a watery fate too. But Scorpions we know too are one of the planets longest surviving creatures The oldest known scorpions were around 430 million years ago and that’s a lot of birthdays.

clip_image003Rising waterlines of damaged and changing markets now see them out in abundance. In the chase to win business, Scorpions are lurking everywhere, waiting with plots to be no less than just to be good at being scorpions.

Naïvely believing that corporate governance laws, trade relationship commonsense and commercial fair play makes Scorpions harmless is naive Trying to outsmart them is just as dumb.

Aside from being fantastic survivors Scorpions maintain a role to kill to keep natural balance of nature. But other than that they add no other value. So why do business with them?

Whatever your role be it, buying or selling, it seems is vital to have set up fail-safe ways to recognize the tell tale signs of who we are dealing with to be sure Scorpions don’t get into deals.

And if they do you need tools and resolve to decide to just walk away.

They will survive, but then so will you.

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