September 2011

The Economic Meltdown –Would you put this in the category of Oops?

The 1940’s German Nazi SS war criminal Adolf Otto Eichmann is considered a psychotic butcher by history. But it is sometimes put by criminologists who look back on his day of reckoning in 1962 and fear an even more frightening scenario that he was just thoughtless. The Holocaust body count in the millions is long over but what of the 2008 meltdown. Can we look forward to a return to prosperity soon or is there more to come? And in the day of reckoning who was to blame and was it an oversight or a criminal act? A fantastic Al Jazeera series called Meltdown, looks at those responsible and the global conspiracies that were behind the world financial collapses of 2008, In the first of the four part series it is clear that by time the fire alarms and tornado sirens began their deafening call, it was all too late. [...]

Do we need to be even more aware of Scorpions in business?

Even though we may be commercially savvy, under pressure we can be vulnerable. To retain and win business, paying attention on quality of service offerings, and following the customer is always right rule, is still a most important mantra. But as we buy, sell or delver our services, vetting and constant due diligence is equally important to stay in business. [...]