July 2011

City Extra: New York City lesson on how not to manage performance.

I know it is so often said that figures can lie, but lies cannot figure. Or can they? The trouble is suspended disbelief conditioning starts when we are small with fairytale stories This week I got a report from NYC Parking Ticket with the full set of New York City accounts for 2010 attached . As I read them it seems no wonder they are losing money. I you want to know how not to do accounts take a look. [...]

When should businesses upgrade systems to pull together the taxing tasks to plan ahead, maintain control & efficiently close the books?

Many people don’t realize the simplicity that comes when they have a reporting database to pull all their information together in a workflow based setup. This lets everyone see and believe all their relevant data from anywhere at anytime. Being able to find a solutions to meet all criteria is the key to answer the question often asked about where and when to start. In fact getting controls can start anywhere in the cycle and even small pieces to solves an immediate problem and then take it from there. [...]

Turning Slurry to Gold.

Sometimes precious metals are not where we expect them. The slurry pump, used in fine mineral extraction to sift thru residual mud to find metallic gold, is akin to an analytics based reporting systems used to finding information gold in residual data. Some also call this data mining. It seems business Intelligence as it is evolving now is it not just about having a single source of data all stored in one place. but more about having a continued ability to create reliable access to mine lots of information that many be stored once in more than place. [...]