CFO job, like a cake is to cooking: is about reporting business performance

imageLately, I read a lot about the high take up of Business Intelligence in organizations and wonder why. Like baking a cake Business intelligence is not new. Getting timely information in formatted reports with the ability to drill down to get more detail and do analyses is a fundamental of any business.

When you go to any business operation you do hear them talking about getting “Intel” to make a decisions. They talk about getting facts and information. And they go to their tried ad true performance reporting system to get it.

But a shift is apparent to belter use of technology with continually more an more as connecting processes as internet based services are now part of everyday life.

Like the ERP transformation of the General ledger to handle all the business transaction processes, business intelligence providers have learned to connect to these process so business managers can use all their data in an intelligent and systematic way.

So called numbers men in second chair jobs, namely the CFO have always intuitively used business Information to help managers mange the businesses. The business intent of this has never changed, but the technology has. The shifted in energy  not only means the numbers men can use the information, but the process that delvers it makes it consistent and pervasive for total collaborative use by everyone. Hence  decisions are also much faster. Today a CFO is even more still the central numbers man but no longer just the information gatherer. He or she is now the coach and the 2nd chair business leader to help make decisions.

And many are women can also bake a good cake

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