Lindsay Fox, the Thai Ambassador to Australia and others talk about Australians doing Business in Thailand where success is all about building sustainable relationships.

clip_image002In Melbourne late last year Lindsay Fox, founder and Chairman of LINFOX, was the key-note speaker to an Australia Thailand Business Council seminar attended by around 100 participants.

In an earlier part of my working life in the transport sector the cut and thrust energy that goes with the Transport industry is something I never got out your my system and nor do I want to. One of my other reasons for going to the session was to reconnect with Lindsay as part of my roots.

But the seminar was not about transport it was about providing insights into Thailand’s political and economic situation for people seeking to do business in there. Being one who does business in Thailand, all-be-it only in a small way, with consulting work there, I wanted to find out more .

One of the other notable speakera was the Thai Ambassador to Australia, Dr. Kriangsak Kittichaisaree. His eloquent and informative address was a bonus as he expanded on the opportunities now wide open with the Thai –Australia Free Trade agreements in place.

A common aspect I also noted from others in a distributed line up who spoke was successful people had set up business in Thailand for the long-term and built relationships around that. Others who went for the quick quid were no longer welcome.


As for what Lindsay Fox had to say, did not disappoint us. Like most Transport people he is a practical guy who says practical things. It was just like you would do an over a beer or glass of wine with a few mate. On this occasion it was over lunch at the Hyatt. To quote Colin Mackenzie the event organizer, who I spoke to later “Wasn’t Lindsay good!  He gave us all so much more than we all expected.”

LINFOX, has 22,000 people employed globally is a household name around the world is synonymous with this giant of a man who started it. Remarkably in spite of its size, LINFOX continued vitality is due to it never having lost sight of the customers in the personal sense. One of the mantra’s Lindsay explained was building and maintaining personal relationships. Backing that up he talked about what LINFOX does in Thailand. He spoke passionately about the long friendships he has with business community there that were the foundations and sustaining ingredients in the business. It was interesting to hear that of the 22,000 LINFOX people 3,500 people are employed in Thailand. in what is the highly successful transport business there.

Thailand is widely known for its hospitality and willingness to embrace foreign investment, Th8is makes it an always rebounding economy that now sees it with extensive international reserves. The boundless opportunities of this sophisticated developing nation make it a central hub in Asia with a pivotal role in the future economic health in the region.

Those who are established there have advantage to share in the development of Asia.




For more information

Colin Mackenzie, at the Australian Chamber of Commerce. is the Executive Director of Australia Thailand Business Council I know he will be happily assist. His contact detail is:

Mr Colin Mackenzie
Executive Director


Mr Colin Mackenzie
Executive Director
Australia Thailand Business Council
PO Box 6005


Others on the council are listed at

Resurgent Thailand: Future Prospects through Australian Eyes


Do you know that knowing you don’t know what you don’t know can be empowering?

imageThis week I visited  a company that employs about 2,000 people. As I looked at the organization charts I wondered what they all did. I was there was to advise on their business process and for that it seemed I had a daunting task to understand their work.

A management course some years ago gave some clues on alternative ways of thinking about approaches . The basis was a confronting set of ideas that makes a lot of sense. It went something like this.

Most people know what they know and try to improve on that. Useful achieve mastery in a single domain.

Others may also find out about what others know to advance. Useful but equally limiting.

Smarter people try to know what they don’t know to become mentors to others who don’t.

Intelligent people know they don’t know what they don’t know and trust to others who do. They are usually leaders.

To do the job I had  some  choices: Be an expert,  a mentor or a leader. The conundrum as always when given such choses is one would choose that will ne the most effective. Any suggestions?