To stop erroneous dealing is it better to give a One Hundred Dollar Cash Back or a use a Performance Management system to fix the route cause?

imageThis week in my subscriptions inbox was a post from a contemporary. Larry Berezin writes about a proposed law to Pay-the-Motorist-$100-when-a–Parking-Ticket-is-Dismissed, His regular blog is on legal issues around New York Parking.

Berezin discusses the so called DenDekker Bill for a law to dis-incentivize rogue parking inspector rackets. This potentially exposes NYC to a $6M liability based on last count published statistics where 14.7% of violations were dismissed and 17.1% of appeals were granted reversal.

I agree with Michael DenDekker’s underlying sentiment and for a moment it seemed there was some hope for an end to the parking ticket scams. But as the threat to city coffers makes the bill passage tenuous, it seems going one step would obviate that by having perpetrators involved foot the $100 bill.and not the NYC.

Of course the real question is defining rouge practices. Those just doing their job, and making honest mistakes must be protected, Like the public they serve, they must not be made victims. And in the end where does it stop. Would this law set president on all pecuniary penalties? 

Hence setting the pendulum weight to bias the swing the other way, may be well intentioned, but could be potentially ugly too. Exposing the soft underbelly of law abiding public could be too tempting to any rouge parking inspector to use their inside knowledge to swap sides and then milk the system with $100 cash back scams.

The famous NYC Mayor Giuliani approach could work for zero tolerance on scams. And I like Larry’s idea about bringing back Arnie with his Terminator gun to help too. Those suspended disbelief movies were good weren’t they? And so much better than the Governator role he played that lead him to that long running Days of Our Lives series he was in. But now he has left that show, he could be up for a comeback and be of real value to the public as well.

But the best suggestion of all is Larry’s KPI approach. Six Sigma with black belts all that sounds like a fun. What I do like too is it has all the good aspects of performance management built in with no real down side. Being transparent, it is balanced and with collaborative reviews and timely alerts, makes cake-walk of continuous improvement. The statistics that NYC have too make it clear they have a good data base there already So to make that work a Business Intelligence system to do the analysis and let people see the information is all that may be required. I might just have one in stock and we have some good consultant to advise too.

So you see, with Larry Berezin’s quite brilliant big picture KPI amendments to Michael DenDekker’s equally luminous get out of jail cash back initiative gives hope to a need. And knowing we have the make it happen Ware-With All with performance management solutions, everybody wins; the NYC, the Parking Inspectors , the Public, Arnie, plus my business intelligence software based consulting firm Of course we need good Lawyer for the contracts management too Larry.

All jokes aside, I have already send a message of congratulations for a truly thinking piece.


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  1. i like it Performance Controller » To stop untrue dealing is it better to recede a One century Dollar Cash Back or a use a Performance economy system to fix the route cause? now im your rss reader

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