February 2011

Centara Case Study: For control of your Hotel Chain and Food and Beverage Outlets, would you start by building a data warehouse or add Business Intelligence tool?

Recently, at my firm we implemented a business intelligence (BI) system for a Centara Hotels and Resorts chain using Infor Performance Management. Being veterans in this domain we immediately knew this project was a little different. I want to now tell you that story, which about how this Business intelligence project took a quite different approach that paid off. It began when we considered the very first question: Where to start? It’s horses for courses when it comes to what needs doing first when adding a BI platform in any organization. And every organization is different. Be-it management culture, its maturity, its client mix, diversity and even how it sits in the market. But its Courses for horses that are needed to make the right choice. For some having a business intelligence tool it is perceived as adding a reporting layer to see the financials in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) That is good to allow conversations to add and compare budgets and plans. But others need something more. Integrating departmental access to operations data for such things as measuring marketing and daily revenue activity by category can also be join this with a Customer relationship management (CRM) system. That will then get to the deep detail and allow understanding of the variables that produce cause it so then plan business strategies (e.g understanding guest country of origin consumer habits allows better business performance on guest activity Know this and its worth is like being given gold as to tailor guest and such things as food and beverage outlet services to match. Understanding too which agent and or/ outlet is adding well to mix and the overall plan for new business is then easy and so much more empowering, With both an organic and strategic growth based system in place it can really start to hum as take more market share So enough of the motherhood stuff. I will now get to the heart of my story. [...]

It may not be all you need to know about doing “Data Mining” but reading some basics on how experts do is a good start.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only change in form”. Predicting the reformation is the challenge. When you hear about data mining and the Clementine methodology; it is nothing to do with digging for precious metals or singing that old song by the same name around a miners’ camp fire. And the job of Data Mining certainly is No Free Lunch. “Data mining is not primarily the technology, it is the process, with business objectives at its heart. Experimentation is a key as is preparation more than half of every data mining process. At the heart of our very existences is our inquisitiveness. Analytics turns that into value. Understanding what data mining is all about is not just for academics and marketing gurus It is for all of us. [...]