Why do winning teams use Business intelligence to win?


Last year, using Infor Performance Management solution at our firm Sherwood Group Consulting, we rolled out a very successful business intelligence solution for Krung Thai AXA.  It was a winner, that has helped  this Company to leap ahead in a watch this space  style growth.

Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance aims to triple its growth as one of Thailand’s top three life insurers within three years.

We claim of course this is due to our skill to deploy this rich world class software. But the clip_image002truth is business intelligence needs more than that to be a winner. It really works best when you either use it to create a winning team or you already have a winning team that wants to move to the next level.

Mike Plaxton by anyone’s standards, stands out in his class. As a long time Insurance industry Icon and veteran,  he presently heads up Krung Thai AXA as its CEO. He guides this partnership which joins the very successful AXA and Krung Thai Bank, headquartered in the “City of Angels”, better know as Bangkok in Thailand.

His aim for their new business intelligence platform was simple: To bring all the company data into one consistent and cohesive place to allow the business teams to collaborate to drive and control the business.  Meeting that challenge was actually relatively easy to get all the data together so it can be believed. The plan was not just a passive tool with vague benefit but to use it decisively to increase momentum and aggressively grow the business.

When I had asked him for guidance to get engagement and how he had already been able to create the winner team he already had, he referred me to the mantra hanging on the walls in the offices. He said it was developed by his team and is a constant reminder of what makes a winning culture: 

You will quickly note as you read thru it that it is not about individuals but focuses as a collective of team based customer service values and aims. This is a generic version of what he is happy to share. 

  1. Be a winning Team
  2. Have a passion for excellence in everything we do everyday
  3. Focus all we do on our customers
  4. Be driven to achieve results; to deliver our promises
  5. Be professional, unyielding integrity and socially committed
  6. By open to ideas sharing transparent and trusting
  7. Be ambitious and challenge each other
  8. Be entrepreneurs, embrace change and risk
  9. Make the Company a Great Place to Work
  10. Have a sense of humor
    I am very sure the Infor PM solution and our self proclaimed brilliance to deploy it helped  this Company to grow so fast. But just having a a list of nice words and a business intelligence tool is still not what makes it all work.

What does make it work is living the values as a code of conduct and culture to continue to rise to challenges The embedded value they bring is enhanced by sharing information routinely in a quality a measurement process. Without doubt quality leadership too, capable of spotting the gaps is vital. All together I firmly believe that is what makes a winning team.

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