Looking back in on leads-can be fruitful. They will remember the investment you made in them.


As a teenager in school, I never had much luck meeting girls. Or when I did I was last in line. My mate had much more success, so I asked him his secret. He said no one cared that he spent time with the lower grade girls. But like the moth metamorphosis, when it happened and they become beautiful butterflies he did not have to stand in line.

Getting active to get new leads into meetings is the aim to kick start the year and get ahead of the budget for the first quarter. And getting momentum back up is always a challenge with a New Year break. 

A useful thing to do as you ramp up again is to look back on who you met some time ago. Remember that you already know those prospects especially the near qualified leads that before may have gone to powder. Even if they went with the opposition on a solution they may be back in the market and thinking about the same sort of things as they get up to speed. And adverse things that may have stalled or lost you the sale may have changed. Taking a moment to consider or find out if there is still an opportunity may be very fruitful. 

And even if they are not ready now you don’t have a solution for them just yet, adding an already established contact to your touch plan could be a very smart move for the future. Things arguably always changed for the better and especially after downturns. And even with those who closed forever, the people will most likely bob up again in time, so it is good to keep in touch.  Remember you are also more mature and may have more to offer.

So like my schoolmate and his romance success many of those

3 thoughts on “Looking back in on leads-can be fruitful. They will remember the investment you made in them.

  1. Gordon,
    Loved the analogy about not getting any dates in high school; which was the only unbelievable part of your terrific article. Looking backwards and rekindling old relationships is an exciting part of business. We all change, and sales guys/guyettes should never be reluctant to revisit unfinished business.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your comment and for the compliment. We would have been a great team in freshman year for sure.
      One other thing I learned in school there are only two certainties in life, taxes and a man’s world is controlled by girls. I’m not sure about death, but that could on the list if I don’t watch my manners.

      cheers Gordon

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