Some serious fun on why is 7 an important number?

imageA friend, Lynda Verran, on her face book wall recently added the following sequence of lucky numbers, namely 7 68 33 34. “These came from my daily fortune cookie!”, She said.

Being a numbers man I wondered why seven is so often a feature on lucky numbers lists. Oddly in business when doing a five-year plan we only look back 2 years so in total our span covers seven years

Considering Lynda’s fortune further my next thought was seven may be considered lucky by people who have passed the personality test, which is business is a must.

To pass, as we all know, we just have to reach the age of seven when our personality and who we are is considered complete. From then this same anthropological theory says we continue to develop and mature in seven-year cycles until we die. Retailer and others predicating market change tend to refurbish their stores every seven years to stay in sync and reset the next seven-year consumer loyalty habit.

Curiously seven it is also the natural number between six & eight which compiles as 68 which is oddly the next number on Lynda’s list. This in turn averages to seven and when six & eight is added it becomes fourteen to marks the next stage of our growth, being our sexual development. And when all this is added together it makes twenty-one, being the age our official adulthood is said to begin and when we are free to make our own luck.

The other numbers too I found also related to seven. The last for example is 34, which when decomposed and added back together as digits also equals seven. And when you add 33 and 34 and add 10 amazingly it also comes to a pair of sevens, being 77.

So it seems Lynda’s numbers are significant and may also be truly lucky, but as you can see finding the luck can take a bit of effort and you may have to add a bit of your own ingenuity, as does doing life itself and doing business.

To find out what others thought I researched a bit more and got this.

Here are Seven more sevens:
? Pythagoreans called it the perfect number, 3 and 4, the triangle and the square, the perfect figures.
? Seven ancient planets – the sun was the greatest planet of the ancient seven and next to the sun, the moon, changing in all its splendour every seventh day. Seven visible planets and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).
? Books …The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T E Lawrence, Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series … Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People … Reiki and the Seven Chakras …
? Seven Deadly Sins.
? The Trumpton fire brigade. (Pugh, Pugh, Barney, Magrew, Cuthburt, Dibble and Grub)
? Seven Seas
? In Chinese culture, the seventh day of the first moon of the lunar year is known as Human’s Day to be celebrated as the universal birthday of all human beings.

My source for this was: Why is the number "7" considered a "lucky" number? I am sure you can add a whole lot more including “the seven wonders of the world” and of course one of the all time favorite movies, “The Magnificent Seven”. plus we now have Windows 7.

One of the favorite TV shows when I was a kid when TV was new was 77 Sunset Strip.  That ran from 1958–1964 The lead characters in this popular private detective show were Stu Bailey played by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.and Jeff Spencer played by Roger Smith.  Kookie,  another character, a parking valet constantly combed his Elvis styled hair-cur as his signature behavior . It annoyed me when the the girls all screened adornment when he did it. Kookie was played by Edd Byrnes His oddly spelt character name (yes it was spelt with a “K”) meant his fortune was no less assured by a huge female fan club.  Also working with him was Jacqueline Beer, who had been miss France of 1954, so it did him no harm. I note that if you pick the middle numbers being 95 and allocate the sum of then equally you also get seven.

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