October 2010

What are the most important month-end reports for the CFO and CEO and why is even monthly reporting now too slow?

Business momentum, market dynamics and management transparency are all the common ingredients the CEO needs to manage And to manage them to and keep the rhythm going needs good information and key performance measures routinely delivered in each business process. If you are starting from scratch even though it may sound very hackneyed to say that the profit statement and the balance sheet are the most important reports you they ever need in a business. Having said that, I will also go further to say monthly is now too slow with many companies demanding weekly or even daily reports to be able to respond to the more rapid to market cycles much faster. [...]

Ingredients of World-Class Business Intelligence

Running a business needs information, as does knowing how use it to drive the business. But business Intelligence is stubbornly complex. To cover all bases and make things impressive we sometimes have many options and features that just make things complicated. But in the end we all know it is “Simple” that works” as people lean to cut away the facade. But getting them there in the first place is the trick. On that Timo Elliott, in his post this week, focuses on just 5 very key things that make a business intelligence systems world class. [...]

A simplified approach to master your income statement to cut costs.

Mastering your income statement is something many are troubled with, when they need to know where to cut. It is especially hard for businesses with shoe box accounting systems. But by removing the jargon it becomes more understandable and moves it to the more friendly category of “accounting for non accountants” A simplified view can also help business managers understand what drives their business and what adds to the bottom line. Technical accountants can communicate better too in more lay persons terms. Here are some simple definitions : [...]

“Planet Blue” clock is a ticking time bomb!

One of the biggest opponents of action on climate change mamagement has been the fossil fuels energy industry, and particularly the oil industry, But the game is up now as the obvoius gives rise to action, But is it all too late? Maybe not, If we act now to make sure initiatves in place take that have taken root in agreements betwen industry and governments are further enhanced and are not undermined by short gain vested interests, there are still options. But we have very limited limited time. [...]