Future of Communication Online: Options to Email Bankruptcy

It has been said Email is dead. But can anything take its place? Facebook Chief Operating imageOfficer Sheryl Sandberg said recently email is probably going away.

James O’Locklan opens a Techlines panel discussion of communication thought leaders with a statement. “Technological  change is everywhere but sometimes things are just good for the sake of it.”

As an example, he says a salesman recently trying to sell aimage new high tech fridge told him, the customer, that it beeps when ever you leave the door open. But he said you have to ask the question, “If it is so clever why doesn’t it just shut itself?”  Another example is 1896 radio invention that was not so useful, as the first radio station was only opened 1912. So for 16 years  static was not so interesting to listen to.

Is email still the best tool for the task and why do we talk about email as a chore like it gets in the way of our daily live?. These are just some of the questions he puts to the panel pictured here.

image From left to right are Mark Pesce, Author & Futurist; Adele Beachley, Research in Motion Managing Director; Alistair Rennie, 1IBM General Manager Lotus Software and WebSphere Portal;  and Genevieve Bell, Intel fellow and anthropologist.

If you are an email and social networking addict this is worth taking the time to listen to.


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