A short story about Listening

Looking back on some earlier posts about listening there are several in our archives including a video. They set out to make the point that listening is about intelligently hearing what is being communicated, not just what is being said. Mothers know this intuitively when listening to their kids. All these have upwards of 500+ words. But this one says it all in less than 50….Enjoy.



A Man is driving down road. 
A Woman is driving up same road. 
They pass and the woman yells out the window, PIG! 
The man yells back , BITCH!
The man rounds the next curve. 
and crashes into a HUGE PIG in middle of road and dies. 



If people would just listen.

8 thoughts on “A short story about Listening

    1. @Lisa Evancho

      Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for the comment. In the light of your personal excitement I am humbled that you took the time to make it.

      Talking about listening I got blown completely away listening to the AGT Finals performance by your daughter Jackie that you posted on your web site, http://www.jackieevanchos.net

      Congratulations Lisa ad to your husband Michael too. You are blessed with such talent in your family. Older brother Jacob, a younger brother, Zachary, and a younger sister, Rachel I am sure also are worthy of a meantion for their support to their sister.

      And Jackie, huge congratulations to you too, from all your fans from Down Under. You are now on mine and many more RSS Readers so we can get all your updates you send out.

      For anyone reading this, you can Google “Jackie Evancho” and you get loads of stuff. After doing some research myself this is what I found.

      Jackie Evancho is 10 year old and 2nd in family of four kids. This talented youngster who just pulled off 2nd place in the America’s Got talent Final, started singing only three years ago aged 7 after she got a DVD of “Phantom of the Opera.

      With lessons and engaging in talent shows and live appearences along side and with some very top talent , like David Foster, she has already seem her recognized to possess talent and skill far beyond her youth. On America’s got talent this year on September 15 2010, this young, stunning and extremely talented girl faced some tough competition to get to the finals.

      America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan said that Jackie has more talent than any act he’s seen after witnessing her version of Ave Maria: “I have never seen an act, on this show or the British show or any of the other talent shows in the world, with more potential than Jackie Evancho. That was perfection”

      She is now scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC on Dec 2, 2010

      Very best wishes
      Gordon Wood
      (Australia and round and about Asia)

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