September 2010

For Sale: A Sign of the Times

Ironically. as we still struggle to claw back the investments lost by the excesses of the so called good times, Lehman Bros sign is being auctioned at Christie’s next Wednesday in London. Collectors there will be able to bid for the plaque commemorating the opening of the Lehman Bros building in 2004 by Gordon Brown, who was then Britain’s senior finance minister. There are also Lehman Brothers corporate signs, perfect for the bedroom wall of any trader who lost their job They are among millions of dollars’ worth of items being sold to help pay Lehman’s creditors. Christie’s expect to raise about ?2 million. More artworks from Lehman Brothers’ collection is being sold by Sotheby’s in New York this week. The Lehman Bros Bank collapse in September 2008. was one of the largest bankruptcy filings in history which then triggered one of the worst financial crises since the Great Depression. This has extended through 2009 to now. At a micro level I find trying to make sense of all this is impossible so I need to get into the helicopter to take a loftier view. This table and the charts to the left above show economic 2009 decline and 2010 re growths occurring as at Sep 12 2010 [...]

Future of Communication Online: Options to Email Bankruptcy

It has been said Email is dead but can anything take its place. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said recently email is probably going away. James O’Locklan opens a Techlines panel discussion is communication thought leaders with a statement. “Technological change is everywhere but sometimes things are just good for the sake of it.” Is email still the best tool for the task and why do we talk about email as a chore like it gets in the way of our lives are question he puts to the panel pictured here. If you are an email and social networking addict this is worth taking the time to listen to. [...]

Making the Photo Maker

I wonder how many people think to use a camera to grab a whiteboard image or a key document that can be used as a record to revisit a discussion. It’s a powerful way to make sure things get done. Even just using your phone camera is just as effective. Over lunch it got us to talking about cameras and we recounted some things that are important. As I reflect on it was mostly about how to capture the subject and in the case of personal shots to make them more interesting. [...]

A short story about Listening

Looking back on some earlier posts about listening the are several in our archives including a video. They set out to make the point that listening is about intelligently hearing what is being communicated not just what is being said. Mothers know this intuitively when listen to their kids. All these have upwards of 500+ words. But this one says it all in less than 50….Enjoy. [...]

Climate to fundamentally change in Australia

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been in operation for twenty two years. We are now out of time to avoid significant climate change. and must fundamentally change the way we think about energy and how we do business The is the message being sent to the Australian Government as it formed a minority team last week based on an alliance with independent greens who hold the balance of power. The new government is : [...]

The data gets more useful the more its combined and processed.

Michael Fauscette in a post out totay entitled Evolution of Change: Signs for the Future of Business describes very succinctly the pattern of evolution that is signaling dramatic and fundamental change for business and with a picture that is starting to emerge that is almost staggering in its depth and breadth of change potential. With a well written load in lead to position about the future of changed business and business models he talks about the advances in business computing in easy understandable terms. For any one in business or who contemplating doing something commercial be it big or small, I would recommend you book mark this as a useful reference to use as you expand your vision [...]

Great Customer Service: How to approach rude customers

Everyone knows that customer service is what makes all our lives better, despite the fact that customers are all too human. Promising to deliver then delivering what you promise is what it is all about, regardless of personal cost. Here is a case of how to take care of a customer In this case an award should go to the check in attendant confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo. [...]