August 2010

The business intelligence project assembling line.

Doing a business intelligence project is an enterprise job, no less. But often that is the real value is the hard work of sorting out all the data. The Pareto theory to focuses on 20% of effort to get 80% of the value does not work in business intelligence projects. You need to get 100% of the data right and cleaned up before it can be mapped and reported consistently. The value of adding data cleaning to the assembly line actually makes the whole job easier and the secondary benefit it brings gets the business involved. It should also be used to continually sell the value of the process it takes to get that vital work done. [...]

Is there still a place for the human brain?

With much of the world now being connected by intelligent systems, that these days even come down from the clouds, is the human brain soon to be replaced. Critical human skills expected of the business managers such as foresight. logic, concentration responsiveness, memory and numeracy are now highly sophisticated aspects of our modern systems, Be they operational, commercial, logistical or business management systems, the big question is how will these pan out in the long term and how should we approach it and our skills to work in this much flatter span of control? Take a look at it this more in more practical lighthearted detail. [...]

If you are not having fun it never gets done.

As a consultant most is know that much of our work is detailed and exploratory. Making change means we need to study and discuss the gaps in the “what is” position so you can have a discussion about changing that state. This takes planning thought and collaborative skill to get people to dig in to the detail and then go a new way to fix the problems we find. That process can be both continuous and radical. Either way it happens best if the process is fun so people enjoy engaging to get detail information and explore looking for solutions and best practices. [...]