The Marketing message: So what’s in it for me?

Gideon Shalwick, is an experienced and widely known internet marketer and author, who recently shared a confronting lesson he had. This bears reposting here as it has something for everyone.

He says when you get to a certain level in your profession or calling, you become so “advanced” in your knowledge and experience that you often forget the basics of what it is that makes you truly successful.

After sending some marketing material to his newsletter subscriber list, feedback from a friend quite directly pointed out to him that his message lacked substance with “nothing in it me”.

From this sobering learning he decided to create a short video to share and discuss how to be more effective, where you actually touch peoples lives in a real way!

His reflections also beg of those who watch his video, to ask of themselves  “Do I make the same mistake and if so, what can I do to correct it?”

In his typically open and generous style, Gideon also gives excellent tips on how to use video to great effect.  Watch and enjoy!


About Gideon Shalwick

A South African with Engineering and Master in Engineering Management degrees Gideon’s career began with success in project management and business development He soon realized that business was WAY more fun.

He emigrated to Australia and started what is now a highly successful online business. In a very short time after he started in 2006 his books on entrepreneurship, lead generation and blogging were being distributed and read all over the world. Publications, “The Roadmap To Become A Blogger,” has been downloaded over 26,000 times and a co-authored book has now been downloaded over 16,000 times. His primary focus is online video marketing and teaching people how to build profitable leads using simple tools like YouTube and blogs. 

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