Parking Inspector Goes Global

imageThis week in Melbourne, I had a great lunch with my son. He talked abut his city based vocation as a building construction manager It is not without hazard when it comes to parking he told me. Later he sent me a very funny letter written to the Melbourne City Council about a parking issue written by one of his aggrieved mates.

I send it to my very good friend, Lawrence Berezin for an opinion, being he is Lawyer in New York. He in turn sought  wider views in his regular web publication “New York Parking Ticket”. In this he very kindly added some great publicity about our National Song Waltzing Matilda. Plus he got some great comments from his readers including some nice ones about us Aussies. Here is his post that included my son’s message. He headed it The-Wacky-World-of-Parking-Tickets

In this fun site Larry takes what to most is an emotive subject and makes it not only advisory and educational but practical too. Although about New York City Parking,  it has huge appeal with everyone who parks their car in any city anywhere in the world.  Go and make yourself known to Larry (as he prefers to be called by his mates) and let him know what you think about the things he writes. He always replies so you wont regret it.

2 thoughts on “Parking Inspector Goes Global

  1. Man, talk about a great post! I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times within the past, but I always forgot to bookmark it. But absolutely not again! Thanks for writing the way you do, I truly love seeing somebody who actually has a viewpoint and isn’t just bringing back up crap like most other writers today. Keep it up!

  2. I love this comment posted by Posted @ Friday, July 02, 2010 8:05 AM by Kirill

    Law enforcement agencies from around the world frequently engage in exchange programs involving police officers. After reading that article, it appears that NYC and Melbourne have a parking ticket warrior exchange program!

    And this one too by;
    Posted @ Friday, July 02, 2010 10:00 AM by Norman
    Let’s give this syndrome a name: METER DISEASE. I only heard about this disease a few days ago and it was through this site. I honestly never thought this could happen. And in Australia? Those people are so easy going and fair minded! Waltzing Mathilda, where are you?

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