July 2010

Getting contracts right and balanced is vital in winning deals.

I want to share with you a recent experience I had negotiating a contract. During this process it struck me that even though we know there are no fairy godmothers, we still believe they will take care of us. As a budding recruit learning the commercial ropes, my boss had once warned me about believing in fairies. You can lose your shirt if you don’t get your pricing right. But you will lose your business if you compromise on your terms and conditions. As a service providers it is not only for the burden of added cost or the overall success and gets us paid that is at stake if we get sloppy on our terms and conditions. Doing that can also loose our reputations that keep us in business. Read more on my case experience. [...]

The Marketing message: So what’s in it for me?

Gideon Shalwick, is an experienced and widely known internet marketer and author, who recently shared a confronting lesson he had. This bears reposting here as it has something for everyone. He says when you get to a certain level in your profession or calling, you become so “advanced” in your knowledge and experience that you often forget the basics of what it is that makes you truly successful. After sending some marketing material to his newsletter subscriber list, feedback from a friend quite directly pointed out to him that his message lacked substance with “nothing in it me”. From this sobering learning he decided to create a short video to share and discuss how to be more effective, where you actually touch peoples lives in a real way! His reflections also beg of those who watch to his video, to ask of themselves “Do I make the same mistake and if so, what can I do to correct it?” In his typically open and generous style, Gideon also gives excellent tips on how to use video to great effect. Watch and enjoy! [...]

CFO X factor as vendors drive for Internet Cloud Power.

Few things are as critical to CFO’s and finance professionals as our systems. From core accounting and budgeting platforms to back office infrastructure, ERP and CRM are all moving online, into the “cloud”, and an entirely new business model called “Software as a Service”. This represents the largest change in technology for the Finance profession since the internet began. The responsibilities that come with this change are a paradigm shift as systems control moves more to the finance roles. Quite ready too are many of the new bread of finance executives who has emerged in the last decade. This has seen then develop from being passive Information Technology users to being savvy technology thinkers and change agent leaders who can related Information management to the business process and understand how to exploit it to get business value. As cloud based Software as a Service benefits mature and become more and more obvious the questions being asked are not able what is but about how to harnes its power. The controlling dynamics of the cloud makes this subject even more compelling when we consider who will be controlling our daily lives in the future. The bottom line for finance and business strategists is to understand where the investment by vendors is now and the changes going on in the development world as the legacy systems become less important to them. [...]

Thailand in Transition: Impacts and what it means to others!!

With the recent political unrest in Thailand the strategic importance of this country in South East Asia and its place as a stable economic base is becoming more understood. As this remarkable economy rebounds, there remains no doubt that indelible “power of the poor people” can no longer be ignored. In the aftermath of the unrest the powerful people in the political oppositions at the next elections are hell-bent to take back control of the countries riches . But whoever leads, if they cannot deliver the social change and restore harmony, it will be very hard to avoid more unrest. The longer term impact is not only in Thailand, but the region and many in global economies. [...]

Are we seeing the demise of IT as we know it?

Here is something to ponder. The Corporate Executive Board Company, says five years ago, less than 25% of business leaders rated their IT function’s effective to deliver the capabilities they needed. They go on to say in 2010 the number has not changed. IT functions have strived tirelessly to understand demand, set priorities, deliver effectively, and capture value, yet the results still disappoint. Business and IT leaders alike feel they should be getting more—more efficiency, more innovation, and more value—from technology. In their recently published study of the IT role its findings cover 5 levels of shift. [...]

Parking Inspector Goes Global

This week in Melbourne, I had a great lunch with my son. He talked abut his city based vocation as a building construction manager It is not without hazard when it comes to parking he told me. Later he sent me a very funny letter written to the Melbourne City Council about a parking issue written by one of his aggrieved mates. I send it to my very good friend, Lawrence Berezin for an opinion, being he is Lawyer in New York. He in turn sought wider views in his regular web publication “New York Parking Ticket”. In this he very kindly added some great publicity about our National Song Waltzing Matilda. Plus he got some great comments from his readers including some nice ones about us Aussies. Here is his post that included my son’s message. He headed it The-Wacky-World-of-Parking-Tickets. In this fun site Larry takes what to most is an emotive subject and makes it not only advisory and educational but practical too. Although about New York City Parking it has huge appeal with everyone who parks their car in any city anywhere in the world. Go and make yourself known to Larry (as he prefers to be called by his mates) and let him know what you think about the things he writes. He always replies so you wont regret it. [...]