June 2010

Who profits from poor data quality?

In the course of reading I found something that I believe puts a very different perspective on data management. We talk a lot about how real time fast retrieval based analytics reporting can be used to grow the business. The truth it that it is not always so. Modern business systems have high integrity built in and can present data to you on demand, so you can ask questions that perhaps can be of high impact . That is the real value But when a system process is broken or poorly designed, aside from fixing the cause, it seems bad data can provide business opportunities for the unscrupulous? The question posed in the research material I read asked, Who profits from poor data quality? Well apparently, the retail industry does—sometimes. [...]

Is it the name or the alias that matters?

Business people, not IT, make technology work to focus the business. The IT role is more strategic to maintain and improve competitive positions of the business infrastructure to make people’s lives easier, It is not the other way around. Ask any CIO, he knows that. [...]

Can “Drive” itself be a motivator more than money?

This may be the best 10 minutes of essential information you can get to help you understand and pass your next creative leadership challenge. A question put by Dan Pink is, “if you reward something do you get more of the behavior you want and if you punish do you get something you get less.” A popular myth in business and life is that it is only money that motivates. For routine work this may be true but even with just rudimentary cognitive skills it may be worse. Then the profit motive gets unhinged from purpose and bad things start to happen. This is discussed in this Royal Society for encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Animate Video – “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us” Read more and enjoy this excellent video… [...]