Plugging the gap on data value

I had some interesting exchanges recently that took me to a UK  firm who specialize in data cleansing, They reminded of a survey we did some time ago that asked the question, How do Business Intelligence solutions provide value?

Of the 86 replies the answers varied in weight but it was clear Sales Growth and Operating Performance are the top issues. image

In my discussion with Chris Johnson at CNM in the he said

Companies waste so much money and cause harm to the environment by not regularly cleansing their data. Data is one of our biggest assets. You wouldn’t drive around in your Ferrari or work in your high rise office block without getting it cleaned once in a while would you?

Clean data means happy informed customers and less environmental impact to our planet.

In my personal opinion it should be a legal/moral obligation to clean data regularly.

This was very sound advice which I was looking for to help me in my work in Business Intelligence that relies so much on clean data.

As I looked through the impressive product list at CNM, (Yes it is one of those coveted TLA names) it seemed to focus on these needs so well so I decided to keep it as a reference list of issues that people in business face.

For example in their How can we help? section it bring to the forefront familiar issues with some pertinent questions that just make think about the quality of your data.

yes Telephone Number Appending

Have you got a list of contacts without a phone number? We have one of the most efficient and accurate telephone numbering services in the UK. more…

yes TPS Screening

Need to comply with the law? Our TPS matching service can flag or remove TPS registered records from your data. more…

yes Tracing Services

Lost contact with your debtors? Our tracing service is second to none, we not only find new addresses for your debtors we can also give you an indication of how likely they are to repay their debts. more…

yes Data Supply

Need campaign specific profiled data? Then look no further. At CNM we have access to the most up-to-date data available in the UK. more…

Their full list of Core Services, in context also provides valuable insights about uses of data. A most useful resource.



I have no interest at all nor do I get any benefit from this firm aside from the value of having connected at an intellectual level.  I just like what they have to say hence I am sharing it.

7 thoughts on “Plugging the gap on data value

  1. Dr Kitipan,
    Thanks for your comment.
    It would be Interesting to see why people seem to justify an investment in BI based on items 1 & 2. Perhaps it presents more as a concrete goal?
    But lately I notice many businesses investing in a new BI system are beginning to say they are just happy to have all their data in one place so they can have reliable access to it.

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