NYC Parking Ticket goes international


The process of writing this blog often puts me into another level of human commutation. Many do blogs to make money while others have different motives. My sister for example posts recipes for fun. In my case I do it with some forsaken idea that the those who know me in business will pass on the word because we try attempt to share our ideas. Noble for sure but maybe not so smart you must agree. We work in Asia Pacific and now have readers all over the world who will never hear of or even care about engaging our consulting firm.

But the upside and one of the delights is meeting like-minded people who also blog. For me as I attempted it increase my traffic twitter face book and so on were obvious choices. Three I got a surprise one day when I got a warm welcome to the community from a New York Lawyer who runs a blog with a difference. He bases it only on NYC Parking Ticker issues where he helps people understand the law and their rights.

image Larry Berezin, who runs the blog and who is a principal is the law practice it promotes, is now a great friend who I enjoy sharing ideas with.

But, you may ask, how does a Lawyer make any money out handling issues from such a mundane commodity service like parking. Yes you have to wonder?

Just now while reading his blog for this week I noted a testimonial from one of his practice customers, It tells the story in one shot

Clients say:

My company manages a large fleet of trucks. We’re on the road daily in the five boroughs of New York. Our parking ticket fines between December, 2007 and July, 2008 were $663,321. New York Parking Ticket saved us $456,372. My company paid only $206,949, a 69% savings. 

New York Parking Ticket will save us more than $1M for the 12 month period ending December, 31, 2008. I heartily recommend New York Parking Ticket. They keep their word, deliver significant savings at a very reasonable cost. It’s a no brainer.

Jonathan Smokler Uptown Communication & Electric 

imageEven though you may not live in New York or even in the US like me, I recommend his blog as informative and common sense. He turns what is a very dry and sometimes painful subject we all relate to into a load of fun as he provides valuable information.

When you look it you will see the experiences and law is mostly the same everywhere and does not just apply to New York

Larry also hosts a radio show where he talks on the subject to make it human and very enjoyable.

imageIn keeping with his sense of humour this banner ad says it all too!!

One question I have for Larry is “When are you going to go international?  Perhaps we could be your APAC rep!!

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